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Traditional Long-Only Managers in Summary. Typically invest in stocks, bonds and cash. Purchase “Long-Only” securities; Do not “sell short”. Manage Investor “Separate Accounts” and/or Mutual Funds. Typically securities/funds purchased have daily liquidity. Do not offer “Alternative Investments” (see “Alternatives” section of Website). Asset Management. Our long only business offers wide range of long only capabilities across asset classes, styles and market capitalization in India. The focus is on delivering absolute returns for investors over the medium to long-term, with a strong emphasis on capital preservation. The 2/20 fee structure is awesome. A small hedge fund can be as profitable as a long-only shop x as large because of this fee structure. However, these profits generally go to the guy whose name is on the door, not the employees. For analysts, compensation at top hedge funds is not materially different from top asset management firms. A common difference is that hedge funds will often have a better bonus . What, then, is asset management (AM)?  Systematic integration of advanced and sustainable management techniques into a management paradigm or way of thinking, with  Primary focus on the long-term life cycle of the asset and its sustained performance, rather than on short-term, day-to-day aspects of the asset.

Sinking with the technology, the methods we have been using for asset life cycle management are old and no longer can be used in a satisfactory position. For economic and financial development, we should consider the methods of recent times to get appropriate results. In the present technology growing world, advanced methods with enhanced abilities to manage physical assets have increased over the past several years.

In addition, such techniques have been gradually incorporated into a management framework. An asset can be defined as an item, thing or entity that has the potential to give actual value to an organization. Asset Management can be described as a coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets. Assets have always been managed by the officials professionally and also, they were maintained simultaneously from past decades.

The process of asset management includes the duties of optimizing the delivery of value and making an appropriate decision about the assets. The main objective of asset management is producing the least overall life cost of assets which can be affected by other parameters such as business continuity or risk during the decision-making process.

This makes the condition possible for an organization to study and observe the performances of assets in different stages. The also comprises the opportunities, balancing the costs, and the threats against the level of performance of assets, which makes it essential for the greatest return on the investment and to maintain the objectives of the organization. Also Read: How is Asset Tracking Using NFC Different from Other Technologies? The fixed asset life cycle begins from the time when the company acquires any asset and it ends when the company disposes of the same asset.

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A leading Long only Equity manager is currently looking to add a Equity Quant researcher to their team. The team are responsible for providing quantitative expertise for the management of fundamental equity portfolios therefore as a quantitative researcher you will be engaged in a number of tasks including Portfolio construction, optimsation and Multi-Factor modelling.

You will be working in a highly skilled and dedicated quant research group. The team use quantitative methods to build models recommending stocks to analysts, based on a history of alpha-generating trade decisions. You will be responsible for the full process from start to finish — formulating the research question, data assembling from raw data in SQL, data exploration, evaluation of a range of models and implementation.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a team who a well-regarded, will offer excellent training and career progression. In addition there is an salary package on offer. Prior buy side experience preferred. In order to apply please send your CV in WORD FORMAT to quantresearch octaviusfinance. To apply for this job email your details to quantresearch octaviusfinance.

Equity Quant researcher— Long Only Asset Management — London Permanent London Posted 2 months ago.

long only asset management definition

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A multi-sector initiative in Europe, backed by the British Standards Institute has now published PAS, to clear the air a bit and define what a joined-up physical asset management system needs to include. It requires a life cycle view and optimal mixture of capital investments, operations, maintenance, resourcing, risks, performance and sustainability, and it is already being adopted by industry regulators as a checklist of good governance all electricity and gas distributors must be PAS 55 by This article looks at the emerging science and jigsaw puzzle of strategic asset management, and how we can join up some of the most important pieces.

Competing interpretations and definitions Even a fairly superficial survey of uses for the term „Asset Management“ reveals some fundamental differences in interpretation and usage. Here are 6 distinct yet common current uses of the term:. Equipment maintainers have also adopted the name particularly in the US in order to gain greater credibility and visibility for their activities. NB Maintenance has an important part to play, but it’s really only one of the variables in managing assets others include, for example, choosing the right assets in the first place, using them appropriately, or trading short-term performance against long-term sustainability etc.

This is the interpretation that the new British Standard, PAS is focussed upon, and is the subject of this article. The last definition above constitutes the basis for the significant performance improvement opportunity available to almost every company in every industrial sector. If we broaden the scope to describe not just physical assets, but any core, owned elements of significant value to the company such as good reputation, licenses, workforce capabilities, experience and knowledge, data, intellectual property etc , then the optimised, integrated Asset Management represents the sustained best mix of:.

Optimisation, on the other hand, involves trying to find the most attractive combination sum of conflicting elements which may involve lots of cost and very little risk, or vice versa, or any other combination – just so long as the net total impact is the best that can be achieved.

long only asset management definition

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To understand the benefits of Asset Management we must first be clear on its definitions. The International Infrastructure Management Manual IIMM defines Asset Management as:. One might state that providing cost-effective services is exactly what New England communities have been doing all along. So what is different about asset management as promoted here compared to management practices already in place?

To answer this question the IIMM provides two more definitions:. Perhaps these last two definitions provide some insight on how older practices differ from the asset management practices promoted here. The collection of best practices and tools are conceived in an asset management policy, specified and utilized in asset management plans, and form the backbone of the asset management system. The EPA Fundamentals of Asset Management captures the best practices as a ten-step process.

These steps can be portrayed as the framework for asset management policy:. The best practices identified in an asset management policy framework are what form the discipline of Asset Management as we know it today. However, many communities are still set in practices with no framework or have few resources to initiate asset management policy. In the meantime, the problems that communities must address are becoming more acute:.

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Asset management is the service, most often performed by a firm, of directing a client’s wealth or investment portfolio on their behalf. These firms typically have investment minimums. Their clients often have a high net worth. Understanding the field of asset management and what role asset management companies play will help you hire the right professional to help you meet your goals. You may even learn about money management options you didn’t know were available to you.

Asset management firms take investor capital and put it to work in different investments. These may include stocks , bonds , real estate , master limited partnerships , and private equity. They handle investments according to an internally formulated investment mandate , or process. Many asset management firms offer their services to wealthy businesses and individuals. It can be difficult to offer services to smaller investors at an appropriate price.

Wealthy investors often have private accounts with these firms. They deposit cash into the account, in some cases with a third-party custodian.

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Investment objective: To provide capital growth over the long-term by investing in undervalued companies from around the world. Graduating as dux of Finance from university and a brief stint as an accountant at Grant Thornton gave Clay the grounding to.. Returns are net of accrued fees and costs, are pre-tax, and assume the reinvestment of distributions. Index returns assume the reinvestment of dividends from constituent companies, but do not reflect fees and expenses.

Platinum does not invest by reference to the weightings of any index or benchmark, and index returns are provided as a reference only. The investment returns shown are historical and no warranty can be given for future performance. Historical performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Due to the volatility of the underlying assets of the fund and other risk factors associated with investing, investment returns can be negative, particularly in the short-term.

Source: Platinum Investment Management Limited for fund returns and FactSet for MSCI index returns. All data where MSCI is referenced is the property of MSCI Inc. No use or distribution of this data is permitted without the written consent of MSCI Inc. MSCI Inc. See Terms and Conditions for full MSCI disclaimer.

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Thanks for visiting! There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding hedge funds. Because they are exposed to fewer regulations, hedge funds have a lot more freedom in how they invest. The investment opportunity set is much, much greater at a hedge fund. This can be an advantage early in your career as you will be exposed to more markets, more parts of the capital stack, and just more investing strategies in general.

The learning experience can be tremendous. However, if job security is a concern, do not go to a hedge fund. During the latest financial crisis there were even websites created to simply catalog hedge fund implosions. These implosions happen because there is a much greater pressure to perform at hedge funds. This can lead to increased risk taking that often ends badly for everyone involved. You can limit this risk somewhat by targeting the larger hedge funds with longer track records.

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30/04/ · Long-only firms generally are more stable and have better work life balance than most other front-office finance jobs, but that’s about it. I mean, if you work at a big shop you also get wined and dined a lot more by the sell side than if you’re at a smaller one, but that’s a given. Asset management is simply a system that helps companies keep track of all their assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and investments. Keeping tabs on the assets helps streamline operations, especially in relation to their sale or disposal.

Hey guys, so I was curious at to the various paths to breaking into long only Asset Management think Wellington, T. Rowe, etc. Can IB experience also be successfully leveraged to get into AM , specifically at great shops like Wellington, T. Rowe, etc.? Or does IB experience count against you since you are so detached from capital markets in a meaningful way by dealing with so much private info and not really working on idea generation?

How does this work also if you are doing this? Or 2 years IB and then can directly move into AM? I know the sell side Equity Research path to AM is also available, but really wondering right now if a lot of people take the IB path to traditional long only AM not HF. Also, are there are any other traditional paths to getting into AM as well? If you’re really interested in getting into AM in the long run, consider applying straight from undergrad.

Almost all of the major asset managers now have junior internship programs, including Fidelity , Wellington, T.

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